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At Compingo, our teams in Greenville and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina work together with you to grow your business through comprehensive, on-target, and compelling impressions. We also make sure that your marketing channels work together as a successful, cohesive marketing strategy. We’re the leading marketing agency in South Carolina for broadcast advertising, B2B marketing strategies, social media marketing, digital marketing, branding, and much more. So let’s work together to take your marketing to the next level by shaping your goals, measuring your performance, and maximizing your results.

Digital Marketing
& Production

Helping great businesses become great digital businesses

South Carolina
Digital Marketing Firm

You can’t afford to ignore what people say (or don’t say) online about your products and services. We’ll build a trusted digital presence and fine-tune your marketing campaigns in real time.


Broadcast Marketing
& Production

The right message to the right people at the right times.

South Carolina
Broadcast Marketing Agency

TV is still the most influential medium. For pennies per consumer, we’ll harness the power of television through potent concepts, polished production, and detailed demographic analysis. MORE

Responsive Marketing

Marketing is constantly evolving, so your strategy should too.

South Carolina
Marketing Agency

When it comes to broadcast and digital marketing, the sum is greater than the parts of the whole. We’ll connect you with your target audience with impressions that sum up to a valuable R.O.I. dollar for marketing dollar.MORE

The Right South Carolina Marketing Agency for the Right Message

  • We’re not your everyday advertising agency in South Carolina.
  • Our staff is results-oriented and able to make things happen.
  • Our account and creative teams respond immediately to your needs.
  • We implement plans flawlessly, on time, and on budget.
  • We’re a turn-key solution provider for your marketing needs.
  • We deliver significant value for your marketing budget.
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Marketing isn't and event; it's a process. There's no such thing as one and done. We're ready to work together with you to fine-tune your message, increase your ROI, and keep you ahead of your competition. Contact Compingo today. 864-431-8401

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